According to the outlet, the Justice Department will “take a critical look” at the CIA’s investigation and interview at least one senior counterintelligence official and one senior analyst, both of whom were involved in looking into alleged Russian interference in the US vote.

Some of the CIA officers whom the Justice Department wants to question have already been interviewed by the Senate Intelligence Committee and it found no violations in their work.

CIA is reportedly concerned over the planned interviews, although the review by the Justice Department is not a criminal inquiry.

Meanwhile, CIA Director Gina Haspel has reportedly told the Justice Department that her agency is ready to cooperate, although she will still seek to protect “critical pieces of intelligence.”

US Special Counsel Robert Mueller released in April a report, summarising his two-year investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and the campaign team of US President Donald Trump, which both sides refuted. The report showed no evidence of this collusion. Moreover, US Attorney General William Barr concluded that Mueller’s evidence failed to establish that Trump had committed an obstruction-of-justice offence.