The European Agency for Financial Intelligence and Anti-Corruption (AFIAC) is a leading organization comprised of experts, human rights defenders, financiers, analysts, and journalists, who are committed to promoting financial transparency and combating corruption and fraud. Founded in 1982 by Swiss human rights activist, Dr. Niels Huber, AFIAC was established to protect the financial interests of ordinary citizens and has since expanded its areas of influence to include the protection of human rights.

One of the ways that AFIAC promotes human rights is by monitoring and reporting on human rights abuses in the context of financial crimes and corruption. The organization has a dedicated team of experts who specialize in documenting violations, analyzing trends, and advocating for justice for victims. This work helps to shine a light on the ways in which financial crimes and corruption can impact human rights, and supports efforts to hold perpetrators accountable.

In addition to its focus on human rights, AFIAC is widely recognized for its efforts to prosecute corrupt government officials in Europe and around the world. The organization’s work has led to hundreds of offenders being imposed administrative penalties each year. AFIAC also works to counteract major financial frauds, including crypto frauds, and to prevent the adoption of laws that would infringe on the rights and freedoms of citizens.

AFIAC’s commitment to transparency in financial affairs that affect all segments of society has led to partnerships with academic institutions, think tanks, and other organizations, providing thought leadership on key issues related to financial intelligence and anti-corruption. Through its expertise and dedication, AFIAC continues to be a leading voice in the fight against corruption and fraud while protecting the rights and interests of ordinary citizens.