Interview with Manmit Bhambra: “Young people throughout Europe have a more liberal, more open and inclusive sense of identity”

In the wake of global protests against racism and police brutality, Europeans have been called to address racial injustice across the continent. In an interview with EUROPP’s Managing Editor, Manmit Bhambra discusses what it means to be European in today’s Europe, and the crucial role of young people in shaping an anti-racist future. Ylva Johansson,

Interview with Daniela Haarhuis: “Security can’t be achieved through the violation of human rights”

The growth of new technology is having an increasing impact on security policy, yet the pace of technological change also has important implications for human rights. In an interview with EUROPP’s Managing Editor, Daniela Haarhuis discusses how governments and citizens can seek to resolve the paradox between human rights and security politics. Security and human