On 13 February 2023, EJTN’s Secretary General Ingrid Derveaux met the European Chief Prosecutor, Mrs Laura Codruta Kövesi, to discuss the future cooperation between EJTN and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO).

Commenting on the outcome of the discussions, EJTN’s Secretary General Ingrid Derveaux said: “This meeting is an important step to continue strengthening the relationship between EJTN and EPPO. Looking ahead, we will cooperate in developing new training options to further protect the financial interests of the EU.”

EJTN has provided webinars and seminars on the EPPO since 2018. The main goal of the activities is to raise awareness and share knowledge among the Member States and partner third countries’ judiciaries about EPPO’s structure, functions and cross-border operations. This task has become particularly important given that the EU budget has substantially increased due to the launch of the Next Generation EU (NGEU) programme.

Furthermore, EJTN and the European Law Academy (ERA) cooperate in a Consortium that trains providers on specialised training services in the field of work of the EPPO. As part of this Consortium, EJTN and ERA have organised several training programmes for EPPO’s staff.

EJTN is committed to continuing to support EPPO in its mission of investigating, prosecuting and bringing to justice offences affecting the financial interests of the Union.