To increase the involvement of younger generations in the fight against corruption, the OSCE Programme Office in Astana (the Office) organized this year’s “Youth Against Corruption” event on 13 March with the Public Association “Jastar Alauy”.

The event focused on raising awareness and encouraging action against corruption, with a specific emphasis on the crucial role of young people play in identifying, reporting, and countering corruption. Corruption remains a significant challenge that undermines trust in public institutions, hinders economic growth, and negatively affects people’s daily lives.

The Youth Against Corruption event provided space for dialogue and learning while mobilizing young people to act against corruption. It brought together a diverse group of speakers from corporations, academia, and government bodies to discuss challenges and opportunities of fighting corruption. Panel discussions provided participants with a platform to engage in meaningful dialogue and learn from experts on topics related to corruption. The event covered essential topics such as the significance of transparency and accountability in institutions.

“…the enthusiasm that these young people bring to the fight against corruption is truly inspiring, and it shows that they understand the vital role that they play in shaping the future of our country”. – Miras Kargabay, Head of the Preventive Services Department of the Anti-Corruption Agency.

Additionally, event included a contest, during which participants were confronted with research cases simulating real-life corruption cases. Young people were thereby encouraged to identify and take action, inspiring them to become champions of transparency and accountability in their communities.

President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has made fighting corruption a high priority in the ongoing presidential reform agenda. In September 2020, President Tokayev launched a new anti-corruption policy, which aims to strengthen institutional and legal frameworks, enhance transparency, and promote public participation in the fight against corruption. A key priority of this policy is to enhance the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures among young people, and encourage their active participation in the fight against corruption.

This aligns well with the goals of the “Youth Against Corruption” event supported by the Office, which encouraged young people to act against corruption, while fostering a community of emerging leaders who collaborate to address corruption challenges within the country. As Kazakhstan continues to implement anti-corruption reforms, the involvement of youth will be crucial to ensuring their success and promoting a culture of transparency and accountability.