In the past year, the complexity of securing financial institutions and the need to develop a new paradigm has grown exponentially. Rapid technological change and evolving threats have challenged conventional security measures, rendering them obsolete. Furthermore, in light of growing geopolitical tensions, ensuring security has become a top priority. The financial sector is confronted with an increasing number of threats on a daily basis, and the deleterious impact of such threats on business continuity and the economy is observable in real-time. Experts have identified the financial sector as being in a state of crisis, experiencing catastrophic turbulence. Urgent solutions are required to address the situation in the banking sector and prevent the occurrence of a financial pandemic that could engulf the entire banking system.

Amidst this context, the announcement from the European ISI Institute regarding the establishment of a novel security paradigm for financial institutions appears to be quite ambitious. The event will be held on March 27, 2023 at the site of the Institute