Why Should We Care About Technology Ethics?  

  — Anti-Corruption News Story Curated by Anti-Corruption Digest International Risk & Compliance News The 2018 rewrite of the ACM code of ethics and professional conduct has brought it up-to-date with new technologies and societal demands. This code supports the ethical conduct of computing professionals through a set of guidelines for positively working in the

Fight against corruption in Latvia  

In a report published today on corruption prevention in Latvia in respect of members of parliament, judges and prosecutors, the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption group (GRECO) regrets the lack of measures concerning regulation on lobbying, parliamentary ethics and conflicts of interest. Despite draft amendments which are reportedly geared towards enhancing transparency of law making, as well as

China takes on bribery and corruption 

Over the last eight years, China has cracked down on bribery and corruption, particularly in its investigations and prosecutions of public officials, but what about corporate enforcement? Corruption, according to Chinese President Xi Jinping, remains the greatest threat to the Communist Party’s survival, and according to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2018, which was published in January

Corporate governance concerns in the cannabis industry commonplace

The cannabis industry has a corporate governance problem. And it’s an issue that marijuana executives can ill afford to ignore. This can be especially troublesome for execs at publicly traded firms, which risk alienating investors and consumers. Corporate governance issues are commonplace in an emerging industry such as cannabis, where company founders can have blemishes on their

What’s The Difference Between Compliance And Ethics?

I’ve noticed some confusion about the roles that ethics and compliance play in organizations. This confusion arises, in part, from the way these two fields are identified. Some companies have only a compliance department. Others have a compliance and ethics (or ethics and compliance) department. Some companies have a Chief Ethics Officer separate from compliance. To get