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It seems that our glorious United States of America is collapsing. People rail against President Donald Trump. It is clear they are unaware that many of our presidents were very much like him. I assure you Johnson could make Trump look like a choir boy. They had to carefully monitor President Truman for his cursing and anger. The great bully Theodore Roosevelt was every bit as “crude” as people call Trump. Why do we only see his faults and not the great resurgence to our economy and jobs? What happened to respecting our president?

Today women scream “woman’s rights” We have the right to decide for ourselves what we do with our body. I do not fight that — it is the body of an innocent child that dies in every abortion that has made me a strong fighter for their rights.

Our obsession with “climate change” only shows me that too many people have not studied our world’s changes through the centuries.

Those who shout the greater intelligence of Socialism have not studied history. Socialism has never worked and only destroys the countries who tried it.

But the greatest pain is the empty pews at church. The horrible scandal. The shame of bishops covering it up. Do people blame God for the sins of His people? He waits for us there where He pitched his tent to help us understand why He gave us free will. Why He allows us to choose sin and corruption, instead of stepping in and “helping us” — why He allows horrible sickness to those He loves. Why He still loves great sinners.

But I am just an old lady who had a beautiful life in the America I lived in and love. It hurts me to watch America fall into sin and corruption.

Source: America falling into sin, corruption – Opinion – Citizens’ Voice