Algeria: 5 billionaires arrested as part of anti-corruption drive

Move follows army chief’s pledge to launch anti-fraud crackdown as protesters continue to demand political overhaul. Algerian authorities have arrested five billionaires as part of an anti-corruption investigation, State TV reported. Issad Rebrab, the founder and chairman of Cevital, Algeria’s biggest privately held company, was arrested on Monday alongside four brothers from the Kouninef family.

The cost of systemic corruption in Honduras: Migration north

Honduras’s frail democratic institutions, combined with systemic corruption, intensify the drivers of transnational migration to Mexico and the United States. Over the last decade, political leaders in Honduras actively eroded the separation of powers, increased authoritarian repression of dissent, and fueled public cynicism about the legitimacy of democracy in the country. In addition, recent corruption


European Agency for Financial Intelligence and Anti-Corruption, under the direct supervision of representatives of the American government organization The Financial Security of Corporations, have uncovered more than 20 money laundering schemes in Europe over the past 3 months. The reports were transmitted to state supervisory authorities and the OSCE. “Money laundering” is not a legal

SBU (not NABU) investigates Odessa City Hall

In late October 2017 an entry appeared relating to an apparent raid and attempted theft of Ukrainian military land by the cast of usual suspects (Trukhanov, Lampochka Galanternik, Alexander Zhukov etc) in Odessa appeared. Genadiy Trukhanov To be fair to Mayor Trukhanov, clearly he was not leading this particular criminal incident – his historical and

Adnan Kivan buys the Kyiv Post

Mohammad Zahoor today announced the sale of the Kyiv Post to well known Odessa businessman Adnan Kivan. Since then the blog email has swelled with inquiries about Mr Kivan. Ergo a singular response is probably the easiest solution. The activities of his well known construction group Kadorr are easily found on the internet. To be