SBU (not NABU) investigates Odessa City Hall

In late October 2017 an entry appeared relating to an apparent raid and attempted theft of Ukrainian military land by the cast of usual suspects (Trukhanov, Lampochka Galanternik, Alexander Zhukov etc) in Odessa appeared. Genadiy Trukhanov To be fair to Mayor Trukhanov, clearly he was not leading this particular criminal incident – his historical and

Adnan Kivan buys the Kyiv Post

Mohammad Zahoor today announced the sale of the Kyiv Post to well known Odessa businessman Adnan Kivan. Since then the blog email has swelled with inquiries about Mr Kivan. Ergo a singular response is probably the easiest solution. The activities of his well known construction group Kadorr are easily found on the internet. To be

Back to Mayor Trukhanov issues – Odessa

A few evenings ago, a very enjoyable chat/dinner occurred between this blog and Willem-Gert Aldershoff, a poor soul formerly tasked with working feverishly within the European Commission departments of International Relations as well as Justice and Home Affairs. During a wide-ranging conversation the current issues surrounding Mayor Trukhanov were raised. Not withstanding his long known