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The story is told of how a frog was placed in a pan full of cold water. The frog immediately liked its new home. But slowly the water temperature was raised. The frog gradually adjusted to the incremental heat. Finally, the water hit boiling point; the poor creature was unable to cope anymore and perished.

This unfortunately illustrates the predicament Kenya faces with regards to corruption. The lesson from this story is that if Kenya does not decisively confront the escalating corruption, it will soon perish like the proverbial frog. And if Kenyans are lulled into falsely thinking that all shall be well since we have been tolerating corruption anyway, the catastrophe will inevitably hit home.

Corruption in Kenya did not start yesterday or with the Jubilee government. Corruption has thrived in Kenya since independence. Only that it has now reached alarming levels and threatens the very survival of the Nation. Pervasive corruption is now testing every sinew of the Kenyan State.

Source: Dismantle the ‘political criminal nexus’ fueling graft in Kenya